Restaurante Mil Setecientos 52


The Restaurant Mil Setecientos 52 is a meeting place for the most traditional Asturian gastronomy and the culinary forefront. We seek to break the classic rules in our kitchens, in order to rediscover the recipes and flavours of the region, characterized by the intense tastes of the products from the sea, the mountains, the handmade cheeses and the seasonal vegetables.

Our goal is to combine in the same menu the dishes that every visitor in Asturias expects to find with surprising mixes and innovative elements, to create a unique experience to everyone’s taste.

our menu

At the Restaurant Mil Setecientos 52 you choose the rules. Here, you can pick and combine your custom menu, choosing among a variety of meat, fish and plant-based options, that you can have as a main course or share with your companions. Furthermore, we propose a selection of tapas with unique combinations, designed to bring reminiscences of traditional flavours to your palate, with reinvented shapes and textures that will surprise you.

the restaurant

Located in the heart of Oviedo, halfway between the old town and the commercial area, the restaurant of Eurostars Hotel De La Reconquista 5* is the perfect choice for lovers of good food, who are looking for an affordable and quality option. This is also the place for those who want to try typical dishes without giving up the culinary trends.

Here you can taste the famous fabada, the escalopes de pixín and many other Asturian famous dishes, but also surprise your plate with honey crystals or candied yolk.

El Rincón de la Sidra

El Rincón de la Sidra is a unique space in Asturias that invites all customers of the restaurant to enjoy the popular drink of the region for free. Inside the dining room, diners can start their gastronomic experience in a welcoming bar with an offer of cider at their disposal, perfect to share unforgettable moments.

The team

The chef leads a creative team committed to the culinary arts, which every day prepares the menu with the quality foodstuff of the Asturian region.
Our team is characterized by its attentive service to the client and its professionalism, always ready to guarantee the best experience for each diner.

opening hours

Monday to Sunday
1.30 – 4.00pm
8.30 – 11.00pm
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